Tuesday, May 19, 2015

the cox family

it was an immense pleasure to spend an evening with this family-taking a walk at kill creek park-they were naturally relaxed, playful and inquisitive-just perfect :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

ashley + nick

this session was a favorite of mine-a beautiful evening+a beautiful couple+ a lot of fun :) 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

abby and will turn one!

a lesson i have learned from taking photographs of my family became so apparent as i reviewed all the sessions we have done together-
we can never take another picture of ben at 6 months with his bunny in the setting sunlight and we can't go back and get those new toes of the twins or even recreate a sweltering session in an apple orchard.  it is with age that these images become really special. thank you to the rupp family for allowing me to have a scrapbook of beautiful moments in time.
 the 1st sessionloose park at oneturning two at homeexpectingnew babiesat the orchardnew home

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

baumgartner family

 it was chilly morning to gather for family pictures-but these guys were troopers! i continue to love photographing large families-watching everyone interact and enjoy each other is my favorite thing :)

Monday, April 6, 2015

caleb+nicole-a kenyan wedding

way back on labor day of 2014-nicole and caleb had their pre-wedding-(see the pictures here) a kenyan tradition to celebrate their engagement. i was there to photograph the event and met quite of few of his family that flew over from kenya. it was an awesome day-full of tradition and two families coming together. in the midst of the festivities it was mentioned that i should come to kenya for the wedding. it felt like a joke-how in the world would that actually happen....

and then-nicole's family made it possible for me. one renewed passport-a yellow fever shot and some malaria pills later i was traveling with them to africa.

one key component in this was my husband's enthusiastic support. he did not hesitate in advocating that i take part in this big adventure. there are many parts about this trip that i am thankful for-but his support made it possible.

 see the first part of this post here

the kids just amazed me-they handled all the changes of traveling with apparent ease-they played soccer in the yard, ate what was served to them, followed directions and didn't complain. so tremendous!
the rehearsal was thursday night-another beautiful evening. i loved getting to meet all the bridal party-

the venue for the wedding was just a short walk from the church-it was a beautiful green space

we went over to dinner at the groom's parent's house that evening-i had the best time getting to take pictures of the ladies making dinner

after dinner tea
another day at the cottage-getting ready for the wedding. samantha recruited help to make the veil-
hide and seek in the hard
the night before the wedding-getting everyone bathed and in bed on time.
the morning of the wedding-everyone shiny and bright in their beautiful clothes.
a family prayer before the big event

waiting for the ladies to come get nicole-this is a kenyan tradition. they chant and sing and welcome nicole into their family.

at the church-they day we have all been waiting for is here-everyone is in high spirits.

pictures of different groups with the bride and groom after the ceremony

the bridal party and photographers went to a nearby primate village to do some posed pictures-

welcoming the bride and groom to the reception with singing and dancing
the men's turn for dancing

many gifts were given to the family of the bride as well as the bride and groom.

after all the gifts had been presented there was a final prayer and then they were off! what a fantastic celebration...